INAJ (pronounced Ī-NADGE) is an acronym for I NEED A JOB.  It is a job search clothing line designed to assist in networking, and ultimately, in obtaining employment opportunities.

The clothing line believes tangible products such as articles of clothing, have yet to be utilized within the job searching space.  Popular tools like job search engines, social networks, friends / family, and job fairs are good, but not always enough to land that perfect opportunity.  People interact and cross paths daily. However, until now, there hasn't been a clothing line that display's one's professional aspirations.  Through brand recognition, INAJ will help stimulate conversations between company decision-makers and job seekers.  Random conversations that usually start off with, "I like your shoes…", "You're a fan of that team?", or "I went to that college…" will now include "What line of work are you looking for?",  or "Have you considered applying at…?". Society has become overly reliant upon technology, which is why INAJ believes it can create more in-person exchanges that lead to numerous employment opportunities. 

Resumes give employers a snapshot of your skills/background. INAJ portrays a snapshot of you!

Benefits of Purchasing INAJ Clothing:

  • It can help you or someone else find a new opportunity
  • It will help you find new networking contacts
  • It will help establish the line as a viable platform that finds new opportunities in a very challenging job market
  • It will help raise social awareness of people looking for new opportunities 
  • You can wear your job aspirations on your sleeve as often as you want, whenever you want
  • It helps build the US economy, as the clothes are designed and manufactured in the USA 

*Please Note: Job hunting expenses can be claimed on your tax return. Check out irs.gov for details*


On October 18, 2013 the clothing creator found himself the subject of his company's reduction in force.  He was laid off from his job and soon realized he had to find another one fast.  He thought of all the traditional ways of job searching (Online, Friends / Family, Job Fairs, etc.) and concluded there had to be more creative ways to obtain employment.  After much thought, he had the unique idea of using a clothing brand to express his job seeking interests to all with whom he came in contact.  This gave birth to the clothing brand known as INAJ.

Putting this idea to work, he created a few samples and wore them around town, wherever he went.  The responses he received were encouraging. People were quick to ask him the meaning of INAJ.  Each time this occurred, it gave him an opportunity to share his current employment situation, as well as his employment goals. Since it worked for him, he knew that wearing INAJ products would spark similar exchanges between opportunity seekers and potential employers.